Acupuncture is a 3000-year-old Chinese practice utilizing hair-thin needles to stimulate the body’s nerve centers, improving blood circulation and releasing pain-relieving hormones. This virtually painless process relaxes muscle tissue and oxygenates the surrounding area, allowing the body to heal more rapidly. Many disorders can be treated with acupuncture including: Acupuncture is one of the safest … Read moreAcupuncture


*The Redwood City location only offers vaccination services for rabbits.* Young animals are like kids–it’s a never-ending job to keep them safe and happy. Vaccinating your pet is a relatively inexpensive but very important way to protect his or her health. In addition to preventing many life-threatening illnesses, vaccinations can prevent diseases prevalent in wildlife and those … Read moreVaccinations



Surgery is often the most effective way to treat many serious injuries and disorders, and Wildwood Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Our hospital provides a full range of surgical services ranging from standard spaying and neutering to advanced, highly specialized procedures. Surgery specialties Patient safety and comfort are our main … Read moreSurgery

Exotic & Pocket Pets

Snakes, lizards, rats, gerbils, hamsters, and more—bring us your reptiles and pocket pets! Wildwood Veterinary Hospital welcomes small mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Our veterinarians can advise you about proper care, feeding, and maintenance of your pet, as well as treat illnesses and conditions specific to their species. Many of these pets require a very particular … Read moreExotic & Pocket Pets