As veterinarians, a key part of the oath that we took was to protect and promote public health. We at Wildwood Veterinary Hospital take that oath very seriously and are working to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

We have instructed staff not to come to work if they or someone in their family is sick or has a cough or a fever. We are dedicated to our work, and this is hard but important. Since we are such a small hospital with a small staff this means that we may be short-staffed or unable to see appointments some days. Please be patient and understanding if we need to reschedule appointments or schedule further in the future than we usually would.  

Please do not personally bring your pet in or come to our animal hospital if you or a member of your family have a fever, cough, or cold-like symptoms. Please stay home, take care of yourself, and consult your healthcare provider. If you are ill and your pet is sick, please call us so that we can protect ourselves and send the pet to its appointment with another person. 

If you are ill and cannot find another person to bring in your sick pet, please call us once you arrive in the parking lot so we may utilize appropriate protocols to protect ourselves. To limit exposure, we may take your pet to be treated and ask you to remain in your vehicle. We will not accept toys, bedding, or other personal items for your pet if hospitalized.

Furthermore, we ask that all persons not necessary for the decision-making regarding your pet’s care stay at home. At our San Jose location, we are not letting any clients into the hospital at this time. All of our communication will be over the phone. Lastly, We will not be accepting cash at this time. These and other protocols are in place for the safety of you, your family, our other clients, and our staff.

As of now, it seems that animals do not get ill from COVID-19, but can be the vector to transmit the virus, so we may take extra precautions. If you or a member of your family are ill or if you or a member of your family has traveled within the past two weeks, now is not the time to get your pet’s nails trimmed or other routine “maintenance”. That can be postponed for a couple of weeks.  

We want to be available to help you and your pets now and in the future. Please help us to protect you, our community, our staff, our families, and our clients who are at increased risk of severe complications. We need to work together to protect everyone.

Thank you,

Wildwood Veterinary Hospital