Notice: Ferrets are illegal in California

Recommended Ferrets: Ferrets should be purchased from a reputable source that gives a guarantee. Ideally, the ferret will already be spayed or neutered, and descented. Sexually intact males and females can have many serious medical problems.

Cage: Ferrets are very curious creatures, and need to be kept in a cage when they are not supervised. A wire cage without a tray is the best. Ideally the cage should be as big as space allows, but at least 2 feet wide by 4 feet long by 2 feet high. This will allow for a litter box, play area, feeding area, and a sleeping area.

Diet: Ferrets need a high protein quality food. Commercially available ferret foods are recommended, but a high quality cat food will work. Dry food is preferred since it is better for the teeth. Vitamin supplements are not necessary if you are feeding a commercial diet. Ceramic bowls should be used since they are heavy enough to prevent tipping over and easy to clean. Clean water should always be available.

Litter Training: Ferrets naturally defecate in corners and usually in one area. This makes litter box training easy. The litter box should be easily accessible and have sides at least 3 inches high. Newspaper or a commercial cat litter works fine for the substrate.

Sleeping Area: Ferrets like tight places to sleep. This is easily accomplished with a small box and a towel. The towel should be washed frequently.

Play Area: Ferrets love to play and are extremely curious. Many toys are safe for them, but make sure they are not able to swallow any portion of them. Blockage of the gastrointestinal system is very common and care should be taken to prevent it. Do not leave your ferret outside the cage unsupervised for any period of time.

Health Care: Healthy ferrets need yearly exams and vaccinations. Ferrets require a yearly rabies vaccine and a yearly distemper vaccine. Ferrets can also contract heartworm disease, but this can be prevented with the proper medication. Owners should avoid handling their pet ferrets if they are sick since ferrets can catch the human cold virus.