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Special Diets

A proper diet is important to your pet's health. Certain medical conditions can be controlled or improved with the appropriate prescription diet.

Special Diets - We carry Hill's and Royal Canin prescription diets for dogs and cats. In addition, we carry Harrison's Bird Diets, Nurti-an Cakes (foraging weight management) for birds, Critical Care for small rodents and reptiles. We can special order and Purina prescription diets for dogs and cats.

Our most popular prescription diet is Hill's and the most common formulas are: 


  • a/d - Urgent Care
  • c/d - Multicare Urinary Care
  • d/d - Skin/Food Sensitivities
  • i/d - Digestive Care, Low Fat Digestive Care, Sensitive Digestive Care, Stress Digestive Care
  • j/d - Joint Care
  • k/d - Kidney Care
  • l/d - Liver Care
  • Metabolic Weight Management
  • Metabolic + Mobility (Weight +Joint Care)
  • t/d - Dental Care
  • w/d - Digestive/Weight/Glucose Management
  • z/d - Skin/Food Sensitivities