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Pet Services Redwood City

Pet Services, Redwood City:

Exotics Exams - All pets need annual examinations (with the possible exception of fish and insects). At Wildwood Veterinary Hospital, we emphasize proper care, husbandry and client education along with the annual examination to provide the best health care for your pets. All new pets should have a health exam and be quarantined for at least one month. This will help prevent introducing diseases to your existing pets.

Acupuncture - Acupuncture treatment is available for dogs and cats as well as exotic animals. Dr. Sanders is certified by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.

Vaccinations - We currently recommend vaccinations only for ferrets. (We do not treat dogs and cats at this location with the exception of acupuncture.)

Emergency Care - Although we emphasize preventative care, we are available for emergency care should the need arise.

Hospitalization - We have complete facilities for hospitalization of our patients. In critical cases when 24 hour care is needed, we work in conjunction with the United Emergency Animal Clinic to provide your pet the best possible care.

Surgery - Surgery is available, though most surgeries are performed at the San Jose location.

Special Diets - A proper diet is important to your pet's health. We carry Harrison's Bird Diets as well as prescription diets for your bird. We also provide pelleted diets for turtles and crickets.

Grooming - Grooming is provided at the time of the physical exam.

Boarding - We have complete boarding facilities available for reptiles and small exotic mammals. Exotic pets need to be current on exams and necessary labwork.